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Nov 20, 2013 6:30pm PST
october from a year ago. in san diego supplies are down 12% and los angeles, down 6%. those lean supplies are pushing prices skyward. the median california home price in october was $357,000, up over 25% from a year ago. that was the 20th consecutive month of annual price gains and the 11th month the gains exceeded 20%. >> i think people feel. >> reporter: ceo of real estate site red fin says higher prices hit not only consumer pocketbooks but consumer confidence. >> you have home prices dropping 50% in 18 months and now they are bouncing back 20% in 12 months. people are competing with wall street speculators, interest rates are going up and down and people are feeling really nervous. they are really jittery that they weren't a decade ago. >> reporter: competition is cooling. the number of listing resulting in bidding wars dropped in october for the 7th street month according to red fin. that's good news for buyers, but not for sellers. the expectation or hope is more homes will come on the market in the new year in time for spring, but will they sale? phoenix saw a 32% jump in the numbe
Nov 12, 2013 6:30pm EST
big city airports such as boston, chicago, dallas, los angeles, miami, new york and washington d.c. some of the more noticeable changes will be in the nation's capital with a new american will operate 44 fewer departures a day than two partners currently have giving up 104 take off and landing slots. 16 of those slots will be offered to jetblue, the 88 others will be distributed to other airlines. at new york's laguardia, they will give up 44 take off and landing spots and five gates. bill bear of the doj's anti trust division said the settlement will quote disrupt the cozy relationships among the legacy carriers, increase access to congested airports and provide consumers with more choices. why was the doj so wary of the merger? for one thing, it will be the fourth big merger in the past five years and once the deal closes next month, the nation's four largest airlines will control roughly 85% of all domestic airline seats. >> and joining us now to talk more about the airline industry is helane becker. good to see you, welcome. >> thank you very much for having me. >> let's start
Nov 2, 2013 1:00am PDT
marathon. >>> a gunman shot and killed a tsa worker inside a terminal at los angeles international airport this morning. that delayed flights in and out of lax for hours. the shooter, a 23-year-old from new jersey was taken into custody. several others injured. >>> that deadly shooting at lax comes just two days before the new york city marathon. security was already high in the wake of terrorist attack at the boston marathon earlier this year. mary thompson looks bekind the scenes of the largest marathon and what it means for the new york economy. >> reporter: when runners go through the starting line of the new york city marathon, they do so as the shadow of the boston marathon. >> nypd began examining and enhancing the coverage of the race starting until the day after the boston marathon. >> the club is spending over a million dollars on security this year, more than double spent on the last marathon. on race day, spectators backpacks will be subject to search, hundreds of mobile cameras around the city will be monitored by security, 48,000 runners will be scened at the start an
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
tuck? they couldn't resist restoring 1955's "rebel without a cause." introduced at the los angeles county museum of art this weekend. by leonardo decaprio. it will be out on warn are home videos for the holidays. burning like the heart after rebel. on the hot list. >> james dean is the interessential romantic movie idol. >> romance is often born out of bore dom. >> romantic movies and their literary counter parts on the break down. >> do you want to dance with me? >> sure. >> "the notebook" is one of the best selling books by nicholas sporks. here are movies we bet you didn't know came from novels. >> you look nice. >> thank you. >> i wasn't flirting with you. >> didn't think you were. >> ""silver linings playbook"" but then the film based on his debut novel. >> she is my friend with an f. >> capital f. >> next, "princess bride." >> marriage brought windsor together today. >> william goldman wrote the book in 197 p. >> oh, no, is this a kissing book? >> 14 years before men everywhere said -- >> keith led >> heath ledger and ladies and gentlemen of the jury jill jake -- and jake gyllenhaal
Nov 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
," visitors to universal city walk in los angeles are excited to head to theaters. >> hunger games, definitely. >> there is better stuff around the holiday season because they hold it for when everybody has time and money. >> makes you want to get to the movies every day if you can. >>> the big question is whether this year's lineup of holiday movies will help the box office surpass last year. it's now lacking but about 2% but has the potential to meet or surpass the 10. 8 billion-dollar growth. which studios will come out on top? "li "lion's gate" is the one to beat and "stars mr. banks" with tom hanks and "frozen" and the "hobbit" follow up, last year "the hobbit, an unexpected journey" grossed the most worldwide this is an important time as they release the film most likely to draw oscar buzz bringing home golden stood fews in february. >> it's a great time for summer movies mixed in with oscar caliber films. >> reporter: for "nightly business report", i'm julia boorstin. >> that is it for this special edition of "nightly business report" for tonight. i'm tyler mathisen, happy t
Nov 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
wealthy high growth markets such as metro los angeles, orange county and the bay area of san francisco. shares up to $32.68. >>> qualcomm, increasing competition overseas caused the leading mobile ship maker to post earnings short of the estimates. the company gave a weak outlook for the current period. the stock tumbled 4% to finish at $67.09. temper sealy was a big stock. the third quarter results comfortably beat wall street boosted by a bounce back in north american sales. the stock jumped 12%. >>> more bad news drove down tesla. the model s electric car caught fire today for the third time in six weeks. no injuries in any of the fires unless you count the injuries suffered by tesla's once high-flying stock. it fell for the third day in a row after ricing by more than 400% earlier in the year. but now in audition to fierps, there are concerns about a battery shortage as well as the cost. tesla will build more cars and become lately a favorite among short sellers who believe the stock is still over valued. shares continue to fall since the earnings report tuesday down 7.5%
Nov 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
story? >> i'm from los angeles, california. i am a marshal arts instructor and a student. i've been doing it for plenty of years and i'm a second junior in black belt at it. so, you know, just keeping busy. >> i'm glad we're separated by the internet. it's a pleasure to have you here. good luck to you. everybody, flip those cards and let's see the answers. real diamonds or cubic zirconia. for $200, the answer is 90% of the vote, they say real diamonds! >> yes! >> 300 bucks and pretty and jose, 20 a piece and our next question is worth $200. the two possible answers are people who talk or people who never pay overdue fees. the question is what did the librarian say is the most annoying part of their job? is it people who talk or people who never pay overdue fees? i'll take a second. for the younger audience. libraries, at one time they were building that you could go to and they house all sorts of books. let's take a step back. books are these things that are bound collection of paper, never mind. let's meet cassandra, how are you, cassandra? >> i'm good. how are you, kevin? >> i'm g
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)